1 Circuit DALI Track System

  • Create your own DALI system with standard 3-circuit track

  • Powergear 1-circuit DALI solutions helps customers to create atmosphere.

  • Powergear standard 3-circuit track can be used as a 1-circuit system with DALI connection.

  • Suitable when the track system is not too comprehensive and the budget is limited.

  • DALI track spots can be controlled by standard 3-circuit track.

  • A comprehensive range of innovative DALI 1-circuit accessories.

  • Quick and easy to install.

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  1. Mounting clamp
    Mounting clamp Article code PRO-04SK
    Mounting bracket for 3-phase track.
  2. Suspension hook
    Suspension hook Article code PRO-M142
    Suspension hook for 3-phase track.
  3. Adapter DALI 1-Circuit
    Adapter DALI 1-Circuit Article code PRO-D480

    Seperate DALI 1-phase track adapter.
    Can only be used in combination with Powergear 3-circuit track.

  4. T Bar EZCLIK
    T Bar EZCLIK Article code PRO-M146T
    Mounting kit for 3-phase track.
  5. Track cover strip 3m
    Track cover strip 3m Article code PRO-CS04300
    PVC Strip to cover the Powergear track
  6. Reinforcement plate with 5m wire
    Reinforcement plate with 5m wire Article code PRO-M147
    Reinforcement plate with 5m wire and ceiling cup for Powergear track.
  7. Wire suspension EZCLIK 5m
    Wire suspension EZCLIK 5m Article code PRO-EZ0449
    Suspension kit with 5m wire for 3-phase track.

Items 21-27 of 27

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